Jan 142016

Whether you began on an electric or an acoustic guitar, there’s no doubt the latter will eventually find its way into your hands at some point.

The nature of the acoustic guitar’s efficiency (no amp!) makes it a commonality among players, collectors and dorm-room guys looking to impress girls. Even the most devout shredder will be tempted to noodle on a dreadnought—particularly in front of the aforementioned girls.

Despite the advent of the electric guitar in the early fifties, the acoustic guitar has remained a prominent force in rock and roll. If there were any doubt, check out the 50 classic acoustic rockers listed below. These are tried-and-true numbers all anchored around the acoustic guitar.

Some are radio staples, some are wedding fixtures and all are just good fun to play. So if you haven’t dusted off that sprucetop in a while, give a few of these tunes a listen. You’ll be strumming—and probably crooning—along in no time.

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50 Classic Acoustic Rock Songs
Source: Guitar World