Sep 292015

3D Printing Solutions Australia, the official distributor for Polymaker filaments in Australia, have created a fully functioning 3D Guitar using Polymaker’s PolyMax filament. Check out some audio samples in the video above and I have included a couple of photos below that show how the 2 parts of the guitar come together.

Printed Guitar 2

Printed Guitar 4

The design incorporates the four suits in a standard deck of playing cards in which each is individually embossed into the body. Tyson used an UP Box 3D printer to create the body of the guitar in four pieces, which were then fused together using an epoxy resin, and finally cleaned up in post-production for a seamless finish. The completed product is a brilliant blue “hybrid” wood and PolyMax guitar featuring a maple neck and mahogany block fitted in the body to provide a deep tone and consistent sustain, assuring that the instrument sounds as good as it looks.

According to Tyson, 3D Printing offered considerable advantages over conventional woodworking techniques particularly when it came to the intricacies of the four-suit playing card motif found in the body. By adjusting the parameters in the computer program connected to the printer, a designer can easily create different 3D printed bodies, which can be interchanged to the guitar in under 45 minutes. This provides one instrument that can take on a different look and style with little time and effort.

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3D Printing Solutions Australia – 3D Printed Guitar
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