Dec 312018

I’m always curious to look back and see if I accomplished a few of my new years resolutions, and it’s nice to see that I did. It’s good any way it goes, but here are some that I managed to do:

I woke up at 5 am, stretched, ran and practiced the Wim Hof Method on a regular basis (life changing), I read a lot of books (more than ever), I learned a complete repertoire of my favorite acoustic songs and performed them on stage. I wrote song lyrics, I switched to Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro and learned enough to do the job, made (and ate) more healthy lunches and dinners, and a few other things I didn’t plan for.

Of course, to be fair, there are things that didn’t make the cut. I meditated, but not nearly enough. I didn’t record any songs, and my jazz practice fell short.

Still, I am happy of the things I did do and I’m hungry for the things that are yet to come.

The beauty is that there is a whole new year ahead of us abundant in time and space to create, practice, explore, grow, improve, become wiser and braver, more disciplined and persistent, and relaxed and flexible at the same time so we can enjoy this upcoming adventure with renewed energy.

As always I want to share my goals (or resolutions as you will):

– Keep improving and expanding my soloing and improvisation skills.
– Learn songs and solos of great guitar players to influence my playing.
– Practice speed and dexterity
– Learn to make more delicious healthy recipes
– Running, Stretching, Calisthenics, Jumprope, Meditate, WHM
– Read more and faster (Breakthrough Rapid Reading)
– Learn and add more favorite songs to my repertoire
– Write songs
– Start a musical duo with my wife (she’s also a guitar player and singer)
– Become wiser

I would love for you to accomplish your goals and challenges in 2019 and hope you would like to share some in the comments . I really appreciate it.

I wish you an amazing, happy and healthy new year!

Klaus Crow

2019 Guitar Resolutions and Goals
Source: Guitarhabits