Oct 132015

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Post written by: Andy Scrimshaw

2 New Wampler Pedals – Coming Soon

Every time we get a new shipment from Wampler it’s exciting. This month we have 2 new pedals on their way to us and they are both pretty amazing.

The CataPulp

The Tumnus

First up there’s the CataPulp, an “amp-in-a-box” pedal that aims to replicate the tone of a certain very popular brand of British amp. Wampler claim that “After spending countless hours tweaking the circuit and testing it against those iconic amps – we did it”.  With a few simple turns of the controls you can get anything from a clean, bright tone to some serious dirt.

Then there’s the Tumnus, a drive pedal with a retro style. Wampler set out to bring the tone of a classic vintage pedal with a “mythical” nature. Check out the video here to see just how close they got. The casing has a great, brushed gold finish and just like it’s name sake is more powerful than it looks. As soon as you press the switch this unassuming little pedal becomes a seriously strong part of your rig.

Wampler pedals never disappoint and these 2 would make a fine addition to any board.


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2 New Wampler Pedals – Coming Soon
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