Aug 272015

Just a quick one to update you on our full-band clinic coming up at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood this Thursday, August 27th, 3-5 pm: the clinic will be for students only and not open to the public, BUT! I have two spots on my personal guest list that I am giving away to fans for free. If you’re in LA and would like to go, just write an email to with the subject “MI Clinic” and saying you’d like to come. The first two emails received will get the passes and I will email you back with the info if you’ve got it!

For those of you who will not be able to attend, we still have the September 12th show at Alva’s Showroom in San Pedro coming up. To book your ticket, please call Alva’s Showroom at 1-310-519-1314. Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the gig.

Also, San Francisco friends – don’t forget we’re coming to you for the first time to open for our friends Points North and MoeTar at Brick & Mortar on Saturday, September 26th! You can get tickets by clicking here.

And lastly – Cartagena, Colombia! I will see you at the Cartagena Guitar Festival from October 8-11 for a few short sets every day as well as a clinic!

Thanks you guys, and I’ll see a few of you this week at MI.

Nili Brosh: latest clinic and live details
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Aug 272015

Independent Record Label to create massive compilation album to raise funds for charity

Xombiewoof Records “Black Winter” Metal Compilation

Metal to Boil the Blood on a Dark Winters Night

Xombiewoof Magazine started bringing the music loving public reviews, interviews and stories about the musical world 7 years ago, then 1 year ago formedXombiewoof Records, a small run boutique label to bring unsigned artists into the light of day, it’s been great but now we want to do more for the world. We have done many fundraisers with great success to help children’s charities, this year we, with the help of some fantastic Musical Artists, we will create the ultimate Heavy Metal Compilation Album!

With the help of Music Instrument companies, Promoters, and the bands themselves, as well as help from big name nationally known artists, we will bring out an arsenal of Heavy Metal Hits, 20 songs in total from 20 bands on 2 Vinyl albums that will get the earth shaking, all in the name of helping children with life threatening illnesses.

Childhood Diseases can occur at any time in a child’s life, and often, the families do not have the resources to act in time, we look to change that with Black Winter, our Fundraising Album!

One of the many things we at Xombiewoof Magazine do is support charities that help children; the fact is childhood disease claims the lives of 1 out of every 100 children in America and the rest of the world in fatality and 2 out of every hundred in crippling or painful events that last a lifetime. Xombiewoof Magazine wants to help change that, we want to make it our goal, with your help, to make the future a brighter place for those that have been stricken with illness that, if detected and treated early, don’t have to be a death or living death sentence. So often do you get messages to donate but don’t see any reward, so we have come up with a plan to help them and make it a benefit for you. The “Black Winter Project” is where we get donations through the fundraiser, you get a premium for your donation and once we have produced the album, the proceeds from the album will be given to the charities we support. The premiums or “Perks” range from small gifts to a limited edition copy of the finished album. We have the support of artists all over the United States and several foreign countries that are donating a song to the album, 20 tracks for a 2 record set. You may ask why he title “Black Winter”, well because its METAL!, Heavy Metal is a musical medium with a message of hope, through the expression of the soul and it gets you motivated to do what you believe in, SURVIVE the hardships and be victorious!

The charities we support are St. Jude’s Hospital, The American Cancer Foundation, The Central Coast Diabetes Foundation, The Heartbeat4Kids Program and The Fender Foundation.

Black Winter is planned to be the biggest collection of independent hard rock and metal artists on one 2 record set, gathering music from the US and around the world, with guest artists from nationally known bands lending their talents, Black Winter will be the one to have in your collections. This album will be limited to 2000 copies on Black / White Marbled Vinyl with 8 x 11 mini posters from every band involved and a Black Winter T-Shirt.

Artwork for Album Cover and T-Shirt is being created and will be listed soon.

Sponsors will get some great perks so read on!

News: Xombiewoof Records “Black Winter” Compilation – raise funds for charity
Source: Truth In Shredding