May 032016

Lightning Boy Audio Op-2 CompWe just did a review of the Lightning Boy Op-2 Compressor, but just a few days ago, I received an email from Mike Congilosi II, letting me know that they made some last minute changes to the compressor before it’s official release. Curious, I wanted to learn more, so I checked out their site and they broke down the updates….

I have been working closely with Cyrus from Ovnilab to make improvements to the design of Op-2 Comp.  He has been playing with the pedal and gave me some valuable recommendations for improving the product.  I did not take what he said lightly.  Since Op-2 Comp hasn’t been released yet, I made all the changes he suggested.  Here’s the list of changes:

  • The pedal will sell for just under $380 instead of $400, but the first run will be sold for $360 each.  Read on to learn more about that.
  • The pedal now runs on 12v at 400mA instead of 9v at 1270mA.  Less current draw is a big plus, but the added voltage was much needed to create more headroom.  This change also created more volume, more compression, and a cleaner tone.
  • The on/off power switch is no more.  The unit powers on as soon as you turn on/plug in your power supply.  The on/off switch is still on the pedal, but now it does something different.  Its called “Turbo.”  When the turbo switch is engaged, it gives you more “Tube tone” and more volume.  Technically what it does is increase the THD slightly, it modifies the frequency response super slightly, and it boosts the volume.  Basically it sounds thicker and warmer.


They also put out a very informative comparison video between the 2 versions…

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Lightning Boy Op-2 Comp upgraded to Revision A
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