Oct 072015


Using any combination of aftermarket undersaddle and soundhole pickups, or just onboard electronics, will play an important role in amplifying your acoustic guitar.

But once your acoustic instrument is plugged into a PA or acoustic amplifier, what gets lost in translation are the overall low-end, upper-end harmonics and warmth from your acoustic.

Thankfully, TC Electronic has found the solution to these common problems with the BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer, a small-footprint pedal that restores your acoustic guitar’s natural tone in astonishing detail with the turn of a single knob.

BodyRez is true bypass, with 9-volt operation, and features phase-reversal technology for feedback suppression, and a built-in mute function for dead quiet cable removal when switching instruments. The pedal has only one knob, for body, which blends custom filters and compression to subtly bring back the fullness of your acoustic sound.

Using a soundhole pickup, I found BodyRez to be absolutely essential in making my acoustic sound livelier and downright gorgeous. The compression softens the harshness of my acoustic’s soundhole pickup while emphasizing the necessary feel that was lost in amplifying the signal. Moving the knob past the midway point cleverly added depth and body, giving my acoustic a rich warmth I’d never heard before, which made me wonder how the hell I lived without this pedal.

MANUFACTURER: TC Electronic, tcelectronic.com

Review: TC Electronic BodyRez Acoustic Pickup Enhancer Pedal — Video
Source: Guitar World

Oct 072015


Since 1978, Boss has been one of the most widely recognized and respected stomp box manufacturers in the industry.

In fact, some of the company’s most popular pedals, like the DS-1 Distortion, still sound remarkably fresh and perform flawlessly, more than 30 years after their introduction. So when Boss releases a new pedal, you can count on it being groundbreaking for its particular effect.

The new Boss RV-6 Reverb is one of those pedals, geared for performance with four traditional reverb sounds and four reverb modes that add additional ambience and special effects.


The RV-6 comes in the distinctive Boss compact pedal housing and is powered by 9-volt battery or AC adaptor. The pedal is incredibly intuitive and easy to use with controls for level, tone and time, and a selector knob with eight reverb modes (Modulate, Spring, Plate, Hall, Room, Dynamic, Shimmer and +Delay). The pedal also features dual 1/4-inch jacks for mono or stereo operation, along with an expression pedal jack.


It’s hard to believe the RV-6 produces the kind of studio-quality reverb mostly found in high-end rack units in a compact pedal. Whether you select plate, room, hall or spring, each reverb parameter is finely tuned for immersive and rich reverberation. Reverb is generally a set-and-forget effect, but the RV-6 offers incredible versatility, especially with special effect modes like +Delay or shimmer. +Delay combines reverb and delay to add dimension for soloing, and the time control allows for long or short delays. For otherworldly sounds perfect for background layering, shimmer creates a high-frequency overtone that oscillates in spacious reverb. My favorite mode is Dynamic, which produces a warm, lush reverb that wraps around chords and single notes with hypnotic expanse, which reminds me of the reverb used in Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.”

MANUFACTURER Boss, bossus.com

THE BOTTOM LINE The Boss RV-6 Reverb offers high-definition reverb in a compact pedal, with four popular studio-quality reverbs and four custom special effect reverb modes for even more versatility.

Review: Boss RV-6 Reverb Pedal — Video
Source: Guitar World