Jul 272014

In this Wonderful Tonight guitar lesson video I am going to show you how to play the complete song by Eric Clapton section by section.

The solo parts to “Wonderful Tonight” were actually the very first solos I ever attempted on the guitar. So I guess I can say this lesson is a bit nostalgic for me.

In any case, I think the solos and arpeggiated chord progressions would be great for virtually every guitarist to learn no matter what their level.

And, besides it being a rather simple song to play, it is also a great tune. Win Win!!

In the video lesson I start out with the opening solo which also serves as the main theme of the song and the other solos as well. Then I will teach all the parts of the song sequentially. You should be playing it in no time.

We basically have three different chord progressions along with the solos which are quite similar containing just a few variations here and there.

Be sure to concentrate on keeping those bends in tune during the solos. Other than that I don’t think this song will be overly challenging for just about any guitar player.

Enjoy! Carl..

Wonderful Tonight Guitar Lesson

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